Fitness Programs

Properly use the muscles

No matter what fitness level you’re at, there are always benefits of having a personal trainer.

I would argue that the main role of a trainer is to keep their client safe and have them do exercises safely and effectively. No matter how often I check my technique and form at the gym, looking in every which mirror possible to make sure I’m doing the exercises properly, even I can’t cover all my angles and had occasions where a friend and colleague noticed a subtle error and that tip led me to improve.

While good form is essential in reducing the risk of injury, it is also important to get the most of the exercise. How to properly use the muscles and train smarter not harder. An exercise with bad form is a worthless exercise.

A trainer will keep you motivated throughout the year

The fact is a majority of people seem to get into fitness as a sessional thing. “Summer is here, maybe I should get into shape.” A trainer will keep you motivated throughout the year, not just when beach season is here, or when you can play sports outdoors. Setting realistic long-term goals, like wanting to keep up with your grandkids or keeping your mobility and reducing aches and pains.

Not only does a trainer have you do an exercise or routine you don’t like but you know is good for you, they can make it a fun and enjoyable experience. Before you know it, you have gotten better at that routine and are reaping the benefits of a more fit you.

I will admit I have trouble doing workouts at home on my own sometimes. I can always find something else to do. That being said, I love working out! So as someone who wants to be working out all the time and sometimes finds an excuse to do something else or am too busy to fit in a workout, a trainer doesn’t give you that option. They hold you accountable for your workouts. One thing I really enjoy is working with busy professionals. I tell them, you worry about work and family and ill worry about your fitness. This system works, I come and create a workout for you and in between follow up and make sure you do those extra workouts to reach your goal.

Finally, the reason I think is the most important is the efficiency of a trainer. People get better results with a trainer then without, that’s just a fact. If I just invested into a membership at a gym and purchased a whole new workout wardrobe, why wouldn’t I want to get the most out of it. Too often people sign up to a gym and go for the first few weeks and never return, I have even seen people sign up and never set foot inside for a workout. Time is important, so get the most of it. I won’t lie and say you need a trainer to workout or you’ll never be fit, that’s simply not true. However, a trainer will maximum your time so you get fit, lose weight and reach your goals, faster, safer while having more fun at the same time.