Upgrade your metabolism

Cardio vs Weights

I often hear the best way to lose weight is to do cardio, running or using the treadmill. The truth about this is, yes in fact you burn more calories during a session. But there is something else that goes on behind the scenes, that any good trainer will not ignore.

Let’s look at some average numbers. 30 minutes on the treadmill at a moderate pace can burn between 250-360 calories, while training with weights might burn 130-220 calories over the same amount of time.

In general, you burn more calories doing cardio. While cardio burns more calories, weight training is more effective at building muscles and I will tell you just exactly why building muscles are important.

Muscles burn more calories

What you may not know is that muscles burn more calories at rest then fat does. This increases your resting metabolism. So, when you’re watching tv and lounging around, guess what, the more fit you are the more calories you burn while doing so!

We might all know the word metabolism, and I bet most of us think of their teenage kids or young adults getting to eat whatever they want and stay thin, all due to their metabolism.

You might see what I’m getting at by now, while I am no way promising you a metabolism of a teenager. There are noticeable differences by not skipping or ignoring the weight training part of exercise. After several months of weight training, studies have shown increased metabolism burning between 50-140 calories per day. That translates to burning extra calories at a rate of almost 1 LB per month.

Finally, after training with weights, our metabolism is increased for up to 1 and a half days after our training. All that time burning additional calories AFTER your workout.

What are you waiting for?

Upgrade your metabolism!