6 sessions – Kickstart my fitness!


479.99 $

Lack the initial motivation? Need a kick start to your goals, 6 sessions might be just enough for what you need. Included is the consultation and a training program for 2-3 months. Use 1 session a week for the next 6 weeks, or use them 3x a week for 2 weeks. I will design a customized program with your needs, level of fitness and equipment for you to perform for the next 2-3 months.

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  1. Jen

    Nick provides an excellent service and is so adaptable with everything, from schedule to budget. He taught me proper technique so I can bring his training with me everywhere. I used to be intimated going to the gym and lift weights but after training with him I have so much confidence (and better form than most of the guys at the gym). I can’t recommend him enough. You need him if you’re serious about making changes, he makes it so easy!

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