Get in your best shape

Functional training

If you often feel like you struggle with daily tasks (carrying groceries, picking up your kids or grandkids, etc.), or find them more challenging than they used to be, this will help you take back your life.

Functional training emphasizes core strength training and stability, with low-impact exercises to reinforce muscles and joints.

Benefits :
-Improved quality of life
-Improved energy levels
-Improved mobility
-Reduced aches and pains
-Injury prevention


Get stronger everyday

Endurance training

Mainly cardio-based, endurance training is perfect for those who don’t enjoy training with weights. These programs typically have short rest periods, alternating muscle group exercises, and build stamina over time.

-Improved respiratory health
-Increased muscle tone
-Reduced risk of injury
-Increased energy levels


Get in serious shape

Muscle Building

Just as it sounds, muscle building focuses on strength training and of course, building muscles. This option is perfect for anyone looking to increase their strength, and not necessarily add bulk (I’m talking to you ladies). This program aims to build muscles smartly and effectively.

-Increased strength
-Increased muscle tone
-Fat loss
-Improved balance, stability, and flexibility


Push yourself

Boxing / HIIT Workouts

Boxing focuses on a strong core to create powerful movements and burn fat quickly. Using traditional boxing techniques, this program has become a popular choice for women in recent years.

-Fun and dynamic
-Fat loss
-Increased muscle tone
-Increased stamina and endurance

Book a consultation

Evaluate your needs

In a fitness assessment, we will determine your fitness level, including flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, review proper movement mechanics, evaluate body fat and take measurements, to best prepare you for your fitness goals.

Book 6 sessions

Look good, feel better

Lack the initial motivation to start training? Need a kickstart to your goals? Get going with six private sessions, includes a consultation and a 2-3 month training program.

Book 12 sessions

Reach your goals

In 2 weeks, you will start feeling the difference. In 4 weeks, others will start seeing the difference. In 6 weeks, YOU will see it too. Prove to yourself what you can do in 12 sessions.

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